Clinical Research in Brazil | The ABRACRO

From 2006 to 2019, 247,168 clinical studies were conducted worldwide. Of this total, 6,037 in Brazil. Since the foundation of the Abracro, Brazil has left the level of 300 studies per year for an average of 500 in the last at least five years.

Before Abracro: Average of 300 clinical studies per year
After the founding of the Abracro: average of 500 clinical studies per year

This evolution is the result of the work of Abracro in fighting in the organs responsible for the solution of the barriers of the sector that prevent this number from growing even more.

One of them is the time of approval of the research by the regulatory bodies. The deadline, often long, makes Brazil, the sixth largest drug market in the world, lose investment from industry to other countries.

Advances of the Abracro

We believe that these numbers do not match the opportunities of our country. The immense genetic variety of the population is a great attraction for clinical research.

Therefore, Abracro and its committees work strongly to improve the processes of the sector that will put Brazil to the height of its potential.